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Ateliers de percussions

Drum Circles


Section Rythmique proposes weekly percussion workshops, called Drum Circles.

A Drum Circles is a session where people – musician or not – get together around various percussion instruments with a simple goal : to play together.

Drum Circles are not lessons. They require no musical knowledge. There are no levels or obligations of result. The point is simply to have fun playing music.

Playing with other, besides the fun and musical aspects, allows to evacuate stress and to liberate the energy that is in you.

Drum Circles explore many facets of being surrounded by other people. By simply playing together, one learns how to communicate, how to improve self confidence, and how to find one's place in a group as an individual.

The sessions last 2 hours. They take place in a fully equipped music studio.

Section Rythmique also offers occasional Drum Circles for those who can not attend on regular bases.